1§ The name of the Organization and residency

The name of the Organization is YTY ry, informally YTY – Graduates of social and health sciences, and it resides in Tampere. 

2§ Function and kind of activity

The purpose of the Organization is to work for and support the activity of the Social Sciences students alongside the activity of the student organizations, to create unity and upkeep relations to other student organizations as well as other groups with interests to the Social Science students. 

To fulfill its purpose, the Organization: 

organizes student activities in cooperation with all of the student organizations and students affecting the activity of the Social Science faculty; cooperates with student representatives in the administrative organs; collaborates with the staff of the Social Sciences faculty; organizes discussion opportunities, press conferences and other similar events; practices publication activities. 

To support its activity the Organization may organize fun and study events alongside receiving donations and testaments. Additionally the Organization may collect a joining and/or a membership fee from its member organizations. The Organization can own movables and realty essential to its activity. 

3§ Members

One can join the Organization as an organization functioning within the Social Sciences faculty, who accept the function of the Organization and its rules. 

Decision upon members being approved will be made in the Organization’s meeting with three fourths (3/4) majority given by votes. 

4§ Secession and dismissal of a member

The member has the right to secede from the Organization by informing it in writing to the Board or the Chair of the Board or by notifying their secession to be documented into the minute in an Organization meeting. 

The meeting of the Organization can dismiss a member from the Organization if the member has stiffed their expired membership fee or has otherwise neglected obligations to which the member organization has committed to upon joining the Organization, or the member organization’s conduct in the Organization or outside of it has notably damaged the organization, or if it no longer fulfill the criteria of a member by law or the Organization’s terms. 

5§ Membership fee

The annual membership fee amount collected is determined by the autumn conference. 

6§ The Board

The matters of the Organization are managed by the Board which includes the Chair, Vice Chair and 2-9 other officials, chosen in the autumn conference. The Board will choose either from within itself or from without a secretary, a financial affairs official and other necessary officials. A member from each degree programme from Tampere University’s Social Sciences faculty is aimed to be chosen. The Board’s term is one calendar year. 

The summons for the Board’s meeting are given by the Chair or the Vice Chair. The meetings competent when at least half of the summons sent by the Chair or Vice Chair are present, from whom one is the Chair or the Vice Chair. The decision of the Board will be the opinion toward which have been placed more votes. When the ruling of the vote is equal, the one to which the Chair has voted upon, wins. In the case of the vote being a tie in an election, the decision will be determined by a ballot. One may attend a Board’s meeting through a telecommunicative manner or with other technical ancillary when either the Board or the Organization has determined to do so either during or before the meeting. 

The duties of the Board include: 

  1. to lead the operation of the Organization; 
  2. to prepare the agenda for the meetings and execute decisions made in them 
  3. manage the finances and the property of the Organization 
  4. to compose a proposal of the Organization’s strategy, budget, annual report and financial statement; 
  5. to monitor the activity of the officials and committees; 
  6. to summon the Organization’s meetings when need be; and 
  7. to represent the Organization. 

7§ Officials and committees

The officials and committees under the Board can be set by a meeting of the Organization and the Board. The positions assigned by the Board will be no longer than until the end of the Board’s term., but this does not apply to the positions of committees and officials set by the Organization’s meetings. 

8§ Organization’s signature

The signature of the Organization is signed by the Chair and Vice Chair together or either of with another member appointed by the Board. 

9§ Accounting period and auditing

The accounting period of the Organization is one calendar year. 

The financial statement with its needed documents and the Board’s annual report must be given to the executive directors/the auditors not later than one month before the spring conference. 

The executive directors/the auditors must give their written statement not later than two weeks before the spring conference, to the Board. 

10§ The meetings of the Organization

One may attend a meeting of the Organization – when determined by the Board or the Organization’s meeting during or prior to the meeting – via postal mail or through a telecommunicative or other technical ancillary. 

An additional meeting will be held when the meeting of the Organization or the Board determines it necessary or when at least one fifth (1/5) of the members entitled to vote demand a certain matter to be addressed by a written request. The meeting must be arranged within thirty days from the date the request for the meeting has been given to the Board. 

The Organization annually holds two conferences. The spring conference is held between January and May and the autumn conference is held between September and December on a date determined by the Board. 

In the Organization’s meetings, the members entitled to vote are those whom the member associations have named as their representatives. In the Organization’s meeting each member association has three votes. The votes can be placed to one representative member only or divided  to two or three representatives of member associations. 

Additionally, in the Organization’s meetings, the student representatives of the Board of The Social Sciences faculty have the right to attend and to partake in the discussion, but they are not entitled to vote. 

The conclusion of the Organization’s meeting will be – unless stated otherwise by the rules – the verdict which has gained over half of the given votes. When there is a tie, the verdict of the Chair will determine the conclusion, however in the case of an election, the verdict will be a ballot. 

11§  Convening the meetings

The summons of the meeting for the Board’s meetings must be sent no later than seven days – outside Tampere University’s teaching periods no later than 14 days – prior, to the members by a posted letter or by email. 

12§ Conferences

In the Organization’s spring conference the following matters will be addressed: 

  1. The opening of the meeting 
  2. Deciding a Chair, a secretary, two examiners and when needed two tellers for the meeting 
  3. The legality and the quorum of the meeting are approved 
  4. The agenda is approved 
  5. Presenting the financial statement, the annual report and the statement of the executive directors/the auditors 
  6. Decision to confirm the financial statement and discharging the Board and other accountable directions 
  7. Addressing other matters mentioned in the summons of the meeting 

In the Organization’s autumn conference the following matters will be addressed: 

  1. The opening of the meeting 
  2. Deciding a Chair, a secretary, two examiners and when needed two tellers for the meeting 
  3. The legality and the quorum of the meeting are approved 
  4. The agenda is approved 
  5. Verifying the strategy, the budget alongside the membership fee for the next calendar year 
  6. The Board’s Chair, Vice Chair and other members of the Board are chosen 
  7. One or two executive directors and deputy executive directors or one or two auditors and deputy auditors 
  8.  Addressing other matters mentioned in the summons of the meeting 

Provided that a member of the Organization wants a matter to be addressed in the Organization’s spring or autumn conference, it must be communicated textually to the Board well in advance in order to be able to include it to the summons of the conference. 

13§ Changing the rules and the disassembly of the Organization

Decision to change the rules and the disassembly of the Organization must be done in the Organization’s meeting with at least three fourths (3/4) majority given by vote. The change of rules or the disassembly of the Organization must be mentioned in the summons to the meeting. 

In the case of the disassembly of the Organization the funds will be used to advance the Organization’s agenda in a manner determined by the meeting. The same applies to when the Organization is closed down. 

YTY ry – Yhteiskunta ja terveystieteiden ylioppilaat
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