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Yhteiskunta- ja terveystieteiden ylioppilaat (Graduates of social and health sciences) YTY ry is an advocative association for all student associations of faculty of social sciences in Tampere University. YTY ry was established in 2019.  The student associations have have been cooperating with each other beforehand aswell, but due to the recent fusion of Tampere Universities the demand for even further collaboration was even greater especially in the field of educational affairs.

“The thought about faculty-level collaboration started….

Like a phoenix rose from the ashes,
so did the advocacy association from its byrocratic grave, 
and it shall ignite a new fire which flashes 
inside those old jaded students like a burning flame

Association work is shared vision which consists of 
multiple small pixels of good deeds. 
The Yty bird will open its wings to anyone and 
everyone who believes that together
we can build something better and stronger!”


YTY ry’s board is chosen annually in the associations autumn meeting. Any student who is intrested in promoting the intrests of students and wants to influence the student community in positive way is eligble to join YTY ry’s board. To ensure the equal promotion of intresses of all students in the faculty of social sciences in the Tampere University regardless of their degree programme, YTY ry thrives to have students from all of the different student associations in the board if possible. All of the member associations of YTY ry have right to vote in the autumn meeting.


YTY ry is the advocative association for nine student associations of the faculty of social sciences in Tampere University, and thus YTY ry is basically formed by these nine member associations. The member associations are Aatos, Cortex, Interaktio, Patina, Salus, SOS, Teema, Tipsy and Ääni. These nine member associations have well over 3000 members across the board overall.

Social media

Voit seurata YTY ry:tä myös sosiaalisen median kautta! Tällä hetkellä YTY ry:llä on käytössänsä Instagram -tili, Facebook -sivu sekä oma LinkedIn -profiili. Näiden lisäksi äärimmäisen tärkeä viestintäkanava on YTY ry:n käyttämä sähköpostilista, joten liitythän varmasti siihen mukaan, jottet varmasti missaa mitään tärkeää! YTY:n sosiaalisen median kanavien linkit löydät alapuolelta:


The rules of YTY ry were approved during the constitutive meeting on 4.3.2019 while having a representative person from each of the member associations. Unfortunately the rules of YTY ry are only available in Finnish.


The board of YTY ry has a meeting roughly once a month and additionally YTY ry has annual spring and autumn meetings every year. Everybody is welcome to join these meetings. You can find all the minutes of meetings from our website, but unfortunately they are only available in Finnish.

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YTY ry – Yhteiskunta ja terveystieteiden ylioppilaat
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