Huminat for the year 2023 will be held on 7th November!

YTY ry invites you once again to the Huminat event! The theme of Huminat 2023 is UG vs Glam, where the bold underground meets the dazzling glamorous atmosphere.

Date: November 7th, 2023
Time: 8:00 PM – 5:00 AM
Location: Heidi’s Bier Bar, Hämeenkatu 24 ticket sales open on October 24th at 14:00 PM for students of the Faculty of Social Sciences. If there are remaining tickets, sales will open for all students on October 31st. Tickets are 6€, inc. coat check, or 8€ at the door.


Huminat is back after a long break!

Save the date, because THE LEGENDARY HUMINAT IS FINALLY BACK, allowing us to party together on Tuesday 29.11. at Tullikamari Klubi at 21:00. ticket sale starts on Tuesday 15.11. at 14:00.

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The theme of the party is Boomers v. Zoomers, so join us representing your own generation!

The Huminat-event is organized by YTY and all of SOC student organizations: Aatos, Cortex, Interaktio, Patina, SOS, Ääni, Salus, Teema ja Tipsy

WHAT: Huminat, Boomerz v. Zoomers
WHERE: Klubi (Tullikamarinaukio 2)
WHEN: Tuesday 29.11. at 21-03
COST: 4 €, from the door 5 €. The price will include cloackroom and if you are early, an overall patch.
WHY: You get to have a good time and bond with your long lost zoomer and boomer friends!

TICKETS: NB: Huminat is sold out in!

PRE-PARTY: Huminat has two official pre-party locations: Bar Passion and Telakka at 18-21. Both zoomers and boomers are welcome in both places!

ACCESSIBILITY: The main entrance of Klubi on Itsenäisyydenkatu is easily accessible by mobility equipment via ramp. There is an accessible toilet at Klubi.

More information from Facebook and Instagram @huminat.


Apply to become part of YTY’s officials team!

Are you interested in organizational activity? Would you like to gain experience from organizational activity and simultaneously get acquainted with new people?

YTY ry is looking for officials to act as helping hands in event, socio-political and equity, exercise and translating sectors. The responsibilities do not require prior experience from organizational activities – the most important factors are your personal interest and motivation! When compared to student associational work the work load is lesser. You can apply for an official position if you belong to the faculty of Social Sciences in Tampere University. Show more
As an event official you get to plan and organize events alongside our event officer and other event officials. As a socio-political and equity official you get to work together with our socio-political and equity officer in charge, concerning matters of equality and wellbeing. As a sports official you will, for example, have the opportunity to plan exercise related events for our faculty and be in charge of YTY’s gymnasium shift. As a translator you will be translating YTY’s meetings and minutes from Finnish to English and work with our current translator. You can apply as an official to multiple duties, but you can only be chosen to one. The work begins after application period is completed and will continue until the board term’s end in December 2022. YTY ry is still a young organization which allows you to use your own imagination and having free hands in shaping your own sector. The atmosphere here at YTY is relaxed and you will receive help with your duties from other Board members and officials. If you want to, you can additionally help at the other sectors as well. If you have any questions, you can contact us through Instagram (@yty_ry) or YTY ry’s website Fill the application form here. Apply now!✨

The Conflict in Ukraine

Concerning the Russian invasion of Ukraine which began early yesterday morning (24th February 2022), YTY stands by TREY’s statements addressing the students of Tampere University which can be read on their website and social media channels. Show more
YTY reminds you that you are allowed to feel and express your emotions, but those expressions are not to be directed at other people in the form of bullying, harassment or in otherwise excluding, degrading and/or violent behaviour. This will not be tolerated or accepted. This is the time when we need to be kind and empathetic toward one another, look out for the wellbeing of those around us and reach out to give and receive help. You are not alone ❤️ If you experience or witness behaviour which breaks the conduct of our values as the students of Tampere university, inform your tutor, your degree’s association’s international affairs official or anyone from YTYs Board. __

Are you worried about the changed world situation? Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and the situations constant coverage in the news may rise questions, concerns and anxiety. Covid-19 is also going on for the third year and it has been particularly stressful for students. It’s important to get to talk about these feelings, concerns and emerging questions with a trusted person. Listed below are a few chat and phone services you can contact if needed. ❤️

Adult-oriented Solmussa-chat serves you from Monday to Thursday at 15-19.

Sekaisin -chat that is aimed at young people (aged 19 to 29) serves you from Monday to Friday at 9-24 and from Saturday to Sunday at 15-24. Miely ry s crisis hotline serves you in English on Fridays at 9-13 (09 2525 0112) and from Monday to Tuesday at 11-15, on Wednesdays at 13-16 and 17-21 and on Thursdays at 10-15 (09 2525 0113).
The student work of the parishes offer support, listening and crisis help in confidence and with respect for everyone’s beliefs at Tampere University.
Risto Korhonen, 050 383 5391 // Mervi Ulmanen, 050 360 9709 //

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